Outgoing Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was met Monday morning by boos and protests at several state delegation meetings in Philadelphia, likely calling into question whether Democrats will allow her to speak at all at the Democratic convention this week.

Wasserman Schultz was set to open and close the event, even though it was decided she would no longer chair the DNC in the wake of email evidence that the organization was pushing for a Clinton nomination. That angered fans of Sen. Bernie Sanders, and they made that anger clear in meetings across the city Monday morning.

At a meeting of delegates from her own home state of Florida, Wasserman Schultz was booed roundly to the point where she could barely be heard.

At a Pennsylvania delegation breakfast, leaders begged delegates supporting Sanders to team up with Clinton, but it wasn't working with some in the crowd.

"There are well-deserved hard feelings over how the primary process went and the email leak certainly confirmed what a lot of people felt, that the DNC wasn't necessarily an independent arbiter of this process," Jim Savage, a Sanders delegate who arrived at the breakfast.

Washington Examiner reporter Ariel Cohen said the scene was similar at a California delegation breakfast. "Complete chaos as CA breakfast," she tweeted. "Chants of 'you got served!' And 'count the votes!'"

Cohen also said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's remarks were "drowned out" by chants of "Bernie!"

Wasserman Schultz was expected to hold brief speaking roles at the convention this week, but some on Monday were already questioning whether that makes any sense given the desire of Democrats to show unity. Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said on MSNBC Monday morning that he wouldn't let her go on the stage at all.

"I really like Debbie, but I wouldn't," he said.

Tim Canova, a Democrat running for a Florida House seat, called Wasserman Schultz's antics in the DNC "reprehensible."

"She's been fixing endorsements right and left," he said on Fox News.