Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis has become a celebrity in the media for her standing filibuster to protect late-term abortion, with TV interviews ranging from soft-ball to gushing. Now there’s hopeful talk she’ll run for governor.

If you think running for governor as the defender of aborting babies in their sixth month of gestation might be tricky in Texas, you’re not alone. The Texas Tribune, hardly a right-wing rag, says, ”She would almost certainly lose.”

But she would also be phenomenally successful at raising money, as socially moderate GOP strategist Liz Mair noted today on Twitter. The pro-choice movement is at the heart of the Democratic fundraising machine.

That’s one way to view the furious Democratic efforts around Davis’s filibuster as Texas fires up another special session: Like many uphill climbs, it gins up the base and brings in the cash, even if it eventually fails.

Here’s my column about the abortion lobby from the 2012 election:

Obama’s top Texas fundraiser is Naomi Aberly, who also sits on the board of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the lobbying and political arm of Planned Parenthood. Hosting fundraisers in Boston for Obama since 2007 is former John Kerry intimate, Paul Egerman, a health care chief executive officer. Egerman’s wife, Joanne, sits on the board of Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts and is an officer in PPAF.

If you want to know who’s attending these $30,000 fundraisers with Obama many times a month, comb through the donor list to the DNC. You’ll find that the wealthy liberals attending these fetes in San Francisco, Miami and Manhattan are likely to be actively involved with the abortion issue.

Take San Francisco abortionist Edward Steve Lichtenberg, formerly of Chicago, who has been bankrolling Obama’s career since his 2004 Senate run. Dr. Lichtenberg has given more than $50,000 to Obama’s DNC.