Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said Monday his FBI sources had informed him they are ready to bring charges against Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information.

"I have friends in the FBI, and they tell me they're ready to indict," DeLay said during an appearance on Newsmax's "Steve Malzberg Show."

"They also say that if the attorney general does not indict, they're going public," the Texas Republican added.

Clinton has denied ever sending or receiving anything marked classified since the FBI opened an investigation into her private email network in August.

But the discovery that information classified above "top secret" may have made its way into her inbox reignited speculation that the former secretary of state could face legal trouble.

"One way or another, either she's going to be indicted and that process begins, or we try her in the public eye with her campaign," DeLay said Monday. "One way or another, she's going to have to face these charges."

FBI officials have repeatedly declined to comment on the status of the investigation into Clinton and her staff.

DeLay was indicted in 2005 on election law charges, but his conviction was subsequently overturned on appeal.