Rep. Donna Edwards, D-Md., told MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Thursday that Republicans who passed the farm-only farm bill were "standing on the side of increased subsidies, more deficit spending, and just sending hungry families straight up under the bus."

Edwards' comments came after the House of Representatives had split food stamp spending from the original farm bill. The farm-only portion of the bill passed Thursday by a vote of 216-208, with no Democrats voting for the bill.

"I mean, I am so proud of Democrats," Edwards said. "Every single Democrat who stood shoulder to shoulder with poor and working families in this country, who just want a meal, and Republicans really deep-sixed them today."

Hayes positively beamed as he asked Edwards about a proposed amendment that would have prohibited members of Congress from receiving farm subsidies from the bill. "What ended up happening to that amendment?" Hayes asked, sneering through a smile.

"Well," Edwards explained, "what I wanted is for the Republicans actually to operate with transparency and with accountability and actually prohibit members of Congress who get farm subsidies, who get taxpayer subsidies, who are financed by taxpayers from voting on legislation that would financially benefit them."

Edwards neglected to mention that conservatives were against the farm bill as well due to the subsidy issue she discussed.