American Bridge, a Democratic super PAC dedicated to opposition research, just launched its first program dedicated to the 2016 elections. That's right, 2-0-1-6.

Less than year after President Obama won a second term, American Bridge on Tuesday unveiled, a website bolstered by a "war room" that is designed to respond to Republican attacks on potential Democratic presidential candidates. A spokesman for American Bridge declined to discuss the level of resources devoted to this effort, but said hiring and investment would ramp up over the next three years.

"Correct the Record is a logical extension of the American Bridge brand to defend Democrats against Right-wing dirt and phony scandal-mongering with the truth, and will work to prevent a dynamic in which these false charges intended to denigrate Democratic leaders are leveled with impunity," American Bridge Chairman David Brock said in a prepared statement.

In a press release, American Bridge described Correct The Record this way: "a dedicated research, tracking and rapid response communications project," and a spokesman for the organization said the effort would "beef up research, communications, digital, video production and media monitoring departments" as the 2016 campaign draws closer.

In addition to its work in the 2012 presidential election, American Bridge has been active in congressional and gubernatorial contests, on behalf of Democratic candidates.

david drucker Senior Congressional Correspondent