Democrats rail against "Big Money," "plutocrats" and "Big Business," in part to help them raise big money from plutocrats and Big Business. Ken Vogel of Politico crashed a high-dollar Dem donor event at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago, and got a few of the wealthy Democratic donors to defend their apparent hypocrisy:

“The people who are giving money into politics here are interested in changing the system. They’re not interested in getting return on investment,” said former Stride Ride president Arnold Hiatt.

One liberal organizer said, “George Soros isn’t trying to get a tax break or relief from regulation or whatever. He is basically saying, let’s have a system where somebody like me would be taxed more heavily,”

This argument is made by liberal donors, politicians and writers everywhere: Conservative donors are donating to advance policies that enrich themselves, while liberal donors are seeking the good of the nation, not personal financial gain.

Vogel doesn't buy the argument. He cites green-energy investor Tom Steyer donating to advance green-energy subsidies and big trial lawyers lobbying against tort reform.

Let me add, off the top of my head, a few names to the list of major Democratic donors or fundraisers who stand to profit from the policies their politicians advance:

-- Democracy Alliance honcho George Soros launched a green-energy investment fund, hiring a top green-energy official from President Obama's Energy Department.

-- Obama bundler Sally Susman oversees the lobbying department at top drugmaker Pfizer, which supported, helped write and profits from Obamacare.

-- Obama donor and former Pfizer CEO Jeffrey Kindler actually got a pay raise for his lobbying to shape Obamacare.

-- Does anyone doubt that the Podestas -- the leading lobbyist-bundlers in America -- profit from Democrats getting elected?

-- Obama max donor Elon Musk sells plug-in cars and solar panels -- both of which benefit from the stimulus and other green-energy subsidies pushed by Obama. Musk has also pocketed huge federal contracts under Obama. Plus, Musk has benefited from more than half a billion in Obama export subsidies.

-- Obama bundler George Kaiser personally pushed the case for Solyndra subsidies at the White House.

-- Democratic megadonor Pat Stryker got Obama subsidies for his solar panel company.

-- Billionaire Obama fundraiser Warren Buffett profits from Obama's preferred policies on inheritance taxes, bailouts and green energy.

-- $3 million Obama bundler Michael Kempner profits from the light bulb regulations and individual mandate Obama supports.