A House Democrat said Wednesday that Nancy Pelosi is more "toxic" than President Trump in some parts of the country.

Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, who last year unsuccessfully challenged Nancy Pelosi to become House minority leader, told CNN Wednesday that the Democrats' brand is "bad," and when asked if Pelosi is more toxic than Trump at this point, he said that is the case for some.

"You know what, the honest answer is, in some areas of the country, yes she is," he said. "That's the honest answer."

"I don't think people in the beltway are realizing just how toxic the Democratic Party brand is in so much of the country," Ryan added.

The Ohio Democrat argued his party has lost its traditional base because much of it feels the party no longer connects with them and they no longer see the party as their advocates. He made the comments a day after the Democrats suffered two special election defeats, in South Carolina and Georgia.

"I'm not here crying sour grapes because I ran and lost. It's not about me. It's not about Nancy Pelosi. It's about that we have Donald Trump as president now. We've done something terribly wrong to make that so," Ryan said.

Ryan argued that the Democratic Party is no longer viewed as the party of the working class and has strayed from its economic message. As a result, he feels, the party is losing its once traditional base "in droves."

Under Pelosi's leadership, Democrats have seen significant losses at the congressional level and have lost every special election this year.

Still, Ryan sees hope in the "Resist" and "Indivisible" movements that he believes are not just battling Trump but challenging the Democratic Party as well.

"The 'Resist' movement, the 'Indivisible' groups, the 'Swing Left.' All of these other groups, they're doing a terrific job," Ryan said. "They're not only fighting the Republican candidates; they're also fighting the Democratic brand. That's a tough thing to overcome for a lot of candidates."