A congresswoman said Tuesday she finds it "deeply disturbing" that the White House website linked to a tweet from Karen Pence instead of President Trump's new national security strategy.

The error sent people who attempt to download the "full NSS report" to a tweet from Vice President Mike Pence's wife showing a video of her family's "patriotic" Christmas tree. It has been corrected.

The page that contained the error correctly links to a summary of the document, which emphasizes improving U.S. economic standing while deemphasizing climate change as a security threat.

"It's deeply disturbing that when Americans download @POTUS' full National Security Strategy, it links to a tweet SMH," Rep. Robin Kelly, D-Ill., tweeted, using an abbreviation for "shaking my head."

The full strategy document is available on the White House website, and can be located using a search engine.

The White House press office did not immediately comment on the apparent error or Kelly's criticism.