Senate Democrats are eyeing a ploy to make Republicans vote on undoing their planned tax cuts if the promised benefits don’t materialize, a strategy meant to call out the GOP for its soaring promises on the tax bill.

Democrats have prepared a bunch of amendments for this week’s Senate Finance Committee markup of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that would cancel some of the bill’s tax cuts if bad effects materialized.

One amendment advanced by Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden, for instance, would reverse the planned corporate rate tax cut to 20 percent if wages fell. Wyden is the top Democrat on the panel.

Others would reinstate the deduction for state and local taxes, which is eliminated in the bill, if states responded by cutting school funding or funding for first responders.

Another would reverse the bill’s tax rate cuts if the bill increased deficits.

Details for the amendments were not available. Not all will necessarily be considered in the four-day committee session that begins Monday.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer outlined his party’s strategy in seeking the votes on such “snap-back” amendments during a floor speech last week on one such measure that would undo the corporate rate reduction if wages didn’t increase.

“We’re simply telling Republicans don’t write checks to corporations that their employees can’t cash,” the New York senator said. “If Republicans fail to support this amendment, they’ll confirm their tax bill is a farce – they really don’t believe it — when it comes to boosting wages for working Americans.”

The Trump White House has said that the corporate rate reduction alone would provide a huge boost to wages.

House Democrats forced votes on similar amendments in the Ways and Means Committee's markup of tax reform last week. No Republicans broke ranks on those measures.