House Majority Eric Cantor, R-Va., delivered a major policy speech today outlining a Republican platform for this Congress, including budgetary reforms, education reforms geared towards poorer students, plans to help single moms juggle work and raising their kids — he even called for a DREAM Act-style path to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants, such as the policy President Obama supports.

House Democrats responded by attacking Cantor for not working hard enough to prevent domestic violence. An email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee says “#ShameonCantor” and hits him over the Violence Against Women Act.

“Here’s a telling stat: Since the Violence Against Women Act was enacted in 1994, incidents of domestic violence have fallen by more than 50 percent,” DCCC executive director Kelly Ward says in an email. “But now VAWA has expired — and House Republicans refuse to reauthorize it . . . Help us reach 100,000 strong telling Eric Cantor and House Republicans to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act” (emphasis original).

Let’s leave aside the merits of VAWA for a moment: There is no reason for Democrats to focus on Cantor (the second-ranking House Republican) rather than Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, (the top House Republican) except that they want put him in a bad light on the day that he proposes policies that might garner some attention as serious responses to difficult problems. At the moment when Cantor assented, effectively, to the Dream Act policy that Obama outlined when he announced his administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws, DCCC revived the war on women canard that seeks to portray Republicans as retrograde extremists.

Always on offense.