Seeking to gin up support for a continued push to “solve” income inequality, a member of the California Democratic Party said that some people “are just too rich.”

Daraka Larimore Hall, the party secretary, made the remarks Sunday at the party's annual convention in Los Angeles, where the progressive agenda for the state was adopted.

“I'm going to say something, and it's probably going to get me in trouble, but there are some people who are just too rich,” Larimore Hall said. “If we don't solve the problem of income inequality we will lose our souls and we will lose our republic.”

But who is “too rich”? Is billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer, who spoke at the conference, too rich?

How about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi or California Gov. Jerry Brown, who also spoke at the conference and have net worths of $24.45 million and $4 million, respectively?

Pelosi is the 15th-richest member of Congress, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, another California Democrat, is the ninth-richest, with a net worth of $41.67 million.

Or what about the Hollywood millionaires who support Democrats? Are they too rich?

Or was Larimore Hall only talking about wealthy Republicans like the Koch Brothers and Mitt Romney?

Further, what would income equality look like? Who gets to determine just how unequally people are paid? Democrats? Do they have an income range I could view? I would love to see how much people in America should make.