The Democrats are raffling off a meeting with President Obama and pushing a monthly tithing program to raise money for the 2014 elections.

A party email just dispatched promoted the $3 raffle with a cute story about how the winner should prepare a good opening line when meeting the president because his reaction could be “priceless.” The winner and a guest will meet with the president in San Francisco later this month. The all-expenses-paid trip is valued at $2,000.

The raffle link also suggests that donors consider tithing, the practice used by churches and temples to collect up to 10 percent of a member’s income. “Donating Monthly: Click here to make a recurring donation,” reads a link that steers supporters to a credit card registration page, making it easy for donors to make contributions.

Raffles to meet or dine with the president were popular during the 2012 campaign, and the party in the past has seen good success with their recurring donor program, two fundraising tactics that will be employed again for 2014 as Obama expands his efforts to help his party win the House back -- and keep the Senate.

Below is the new raffle email:

Friend --

Eleven days ago, I got a chance to introduce my mom to President Obama.

When I told her it was going to happen, she started thinking through what she was going to say, what she was going to wear, and when she'd need to leave to make the trip from North Carolina up to Washington, D.C.

But despite all the preparation, she wasn't ready for what happened. And if you want to give someone special in your life an opportunity like this, you need to enter for a chance to have your own moment with President Obama in California later this month.

Take a minute and chip in $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered.

After we snapped a picture, my mom, Marcia, who works in the guidance department at our high school back home, said, "My students are never going to believe this."

And the President said, "Oh, you're a teacher? You're missing school today. We better excuse your absence."

Then he took out a pen, found a piece of paper, and wrote, "To Orange High -- dream big dreams. Barack Obama."

As we walked out, Mom held onto that note from the President like it was priceless.

She didn't want any of the rest of us to touch it. We might get it dirty, she said (you know how moms are).

And as soon as she got back home, she immediately got it framed.

I want you to get a moment like that.

So let me give you one piece of advice: If you win this contest, spend some serious time thinking about who you want to bring as your guest to San Francisco.

Because as much as it will mean to you, it'll probably mean more to them.

Chip in $3 or more right now to be automatically entered and make that a possibility:

Good luck!

Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at