Democrats on the House Oversight and Judiciary committees criticized Republicans for doing too little, too late in response to a series of political crises that put the Trump administration on its heels over the last week.

All Democratic members of the two committees wrote a letter to the Republican leadership of those committees to ask for a full investigation into whether President Trump is trying to block an investigation into Russia's interference with the election, and possible ties to Trump.

Republican leaders indicated support for an effort to obtain an FBI memo that reportedly describes Trump's prior effort to get the FBI to end its investigation into former national security adviser Mike Flynn. But Democrats said Republicans haven't moved quickly enough.

"Although Chairman [Jason] Chaffetz recently sent a letter to the Department of Justice Inspector General, we believe that response is anemic — especially for the Oversight Committee, which claims to be the premiere investigative body in the House of Representatives — and particularly in comparison to the multiple 'emergency' hearings he called and the unilateral subpoenas he issued as part of the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton," they wrote.

"We are concerned that the continued failure of House Republicans to take action in the face of this onslaught of allegations will cause significant damage to the faith that the American people have in the credibility and integrity of our committees and the House of Representatives," the wrote. "We have a solemn obligation under the Constitution to act as a check on the Executive Branch and to hold President Trump accountable. It is time to do our job."

Democrats used their letter to ask Chaffetz's oversight committee to immediately subpoena the White House for documents related to the firing of Flynn.