Democrats have a message to the Obamacare filibustering Sen. Ted Cruz and Republicans pushing for a government shutdown next Tuesday: You've had your fun, enough already.

On the heels of President Obama's frustrated demand to Congress to “just do your job,” one of the administration's key support groups, Americans United for Change, has begun airing an ad on cable news stations mocking the GOP's recent efforts, including a food stamp reform that will limit the program.

The group, along with several other Democratic and progressive organizations, believe that Cruz, the Texas Republican, House Speaker John Boehner, and other top Republicans are making a mistake in assailing Obamacare, food stamps and overall government spending, and want to draw attention to the GOP cheering for their actions.

The ad shows Republicans cheering about their vote to cut food stamps, defund Obamacare and shutdown the government. It ends by calling on viewers to “Tell Republicans, enough already.”

Many in the Republican Party believe that it’s the Democrats who are out of touch and that a government shutdown won’t hurt them like the last one did in 1995. But Democrats say they have the polling data to show that the GOP is making a mistake, especially in attack Obamacare.

“We’re sorry to burst the bubble they’re living in,” said Jeremy J. Funk, communications director for Americans United for Change. “The longer the gamesmanship goes on, the clearer it becomes what this is really all about. Threatening to shut down the government over Obamacare funding is the desperate act of a party that knows they’re about to be called on their B.S. big time -- when October 1st comes and goes and none of the doomsday predictions come true - and people say: ‘Wait a minute, you mean I can keep my doctor – and my premiums are going down?’ – that’s the moment Republicans dread because they know they will get zero credit for the benefits and consumer protections Americans will enjoy for decades to come.”

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