Democrats are not giving up the fight for strict gun control that limits what kinds of weapons American can buy, with a key House Democratic leader urging Congress on Wednesday to "ignore the NRA" and adopt the tough bill Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley just pushed through the legislature in Annapolis.

Rep. Elijah Cummings of Baltimore said the Maryland law combined with similar efforts approved in Colorado and Connecticut should be the model for the rest of the nation, not just the watered-down background check compromise that appears the only gun control measure the Senate will approve this week.

"We have to get the NRA, move the NRA to the side," he said of the gun rights lobby.

"We've got to ignore the NRA," Cummings told Harvard University's Institute of Politics website, "and do what is right for people as they have done in my state of Maryland just last night, Connecticut and Colorado, very strict gun laws and I think we have to do that."

Cummings, like other Democrats, has noted that some National Rifle Association members support gun control proposals on trafficking and background checks, and he accused the lobby of ignoring members to do the bidding of gun makers. "You have to wonder if the NRA is controlled by its members or is it controlled by the gun industry? I hate to tell you but I've come to the conclusion that it is in the industry," he charged.