They want a "fiscal cliff" deal that raises taxes on the wealthy, but that doesn't mean House Democrats are easing up on the potential architect of that final package: House Speaker John Boehner.

On the eve of the historic vote coming this week, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is pushing items in their "store" of gifts and clothing items mocking Boehner as the nation's "Weeper in Chief," a reference to his plight as boss of a divided Republican caucus and the ease at which the sensitive Ohio lawmaker gives up tears when he gets emotional.

In the featured sale category is a "Crying Boehner Can Koozie" for $7.95. The description says, "Want to see John Boehner cry? Buy this union made can koozie today to help us take Speaker Boehner's gavel."

For $24.95 there's a "Weeper of the House T-Shirt." That description reads: "In 2012, we're going to give this guy something to really cry about. This 100% cotton T-shirt is Union-made in the USA."

The gear created for the 2012 election has special meaning now as Boehner faces another vote on a potential Senate plan to fix the fiscal cliff, one likely to include tax increases that his conservative members aren't likely to accept.

Democrats have been assailing Boehner ever since his "Plan B" effort failed. One email sent this weekend, for example, rapped the speaker for not bringing the House back into session earlier to deal with the negotiations, even though they are now up to the Senate to hatch. But GOP aides warn that mocking Boehner, Democrats are making it less likely that he will push for a package Democrats will like.