The nomination of former Sen. Chuck Hagel to head the Pentagon is coming under two new lines of attack.

Senate Democratic sources tell Secrets that some members are complaining that President Obama has yet to explain to them why he picked the gruff Nebraska Republican and why the White House hasn't supplied them with extensive talking points to use to support him.

"All he has to do is tells us why he picked him, and he hasn't done that. It makes it hard to fight for Hagel," said a key Democratic aide.

Meanwhile a conservative group, The American Future Fund, has launched "Hagel No," an online campaign to torpedo Obama's pick.

Nick Ryan, founder of the fund, charged that Hagel " has a pattern of unethical behavior; failing to disclose assets and trading favors with industries the American people trusted him to regulate. Hagel's politically expedient change of heart regarding Iran policy and shallow apologies proves he is just another politician willing to say anything to gain power."

Ryan's group launched to target the nomination.