Top Democrats, already sweating new polls showing Hillary Rodham Clinton in a dead heat with surging Donald Trump, are now warning that the GOP is passing them in registering voters.

"We'll be honest, friends, we're PANICKING," said an urgent email just sent out.

The Democratic Governors Association, which has been issuing warnings with increasing regularity, said that polls showing any Clinton or Democratic gain "won't mean a thing" of the Republicans win the voter registration war.

The full email is below:

The New York Times: "In the Race for Registered Voters, Republicans are Gaining."

We'll be honest, Friends: We're PANICKING.

Democrats may have pulled ahead slightly in the polls, but that won't mean a thing if more Republicans show up on Election Day.

We're activating our national grassroots network right now to make sure Democrats don't fall behind – but it all depends on your immediate donation.

We need 1,000 Dems NOW: We need at least 1,000 grassroots donors before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT so we have the resources required to keep up with Republicans in critical swing states.

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