Veteran point guard Derek Fisher is settling back in with the Oklahoma City Thunder -- he had 10 points and two steals against the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday -- a little more than two months after persuading the Dallas Mavericks to waive him so he could be with his family.

"I decided that this was something I deserved to do for myself," Fisher told the Los Angeles Times. At least he's honest about his midlife crisis, but couldn't he have just bought a convertible?

When the Utah Jazz let Fisher go in 2007, it was so he could move back to Los Angeles and be closer to the doctors treating his daughter for a rare form of eye cancer, not to win an NBA title with the Lakers, which he did.

But a championship was the idea when the Houston Rockets bought him out last March after he got traded from the Lakers, allowing him to join Kevin Durant and friends. This year, the Mavericks are headed to the lottery, while Fisher, to no one's surprise, is again on track to play deep into May and June.

- Craig Stouffer