Rumors are rampant on Capitol Hill that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi delayed leadership elections until after Thanksgiving to build support for a hand-picked successor not named Steny Hoyer should she decide to retire.

But party officials and outside interest groups tell Secrets that House Minority Whip Hoyer, who represents southern Maryland, commands a strong following and is unlikely to fall victim to the over-reported Pelosi-Hoyer feud.

Congress-watcher SNR Denton, the international legal firm, said in its post-election report, "a Pelosi-groomed and backed candidate could not overcome the support House Democrats have shown" for Hoyer, who, they add, "is widely believed to be assured the top minority seat should Pelosi resign."

On Tuesday, Pelosi announced that she will reveal her plans Wednesday.

"While I love you all very dearly, I thought maybe I would talk to my own caucus before I shared that information with you," Pelosi told reporters.