When asked about Maryland recruiting turf, recruiting coordinator John Dunn referred to “the DMV area,” saying, “That’s us.”

But while head coach Randy Edsall has brought plenty of players in from the D (District) and M (Maryland), he has yet to land a player from the V (Northern Virginia). In Edsall’s thee recruiting classes, the only player from Virginia is sophomore linebacker Avery Thompson, from Chesapeake in Virginia’s Tidewater area.

Edsall says the lack of players from Northern Virginia is not for lack of trying.

“We’re working like crazy to try to recruit there,” Edsall said. “I’ve probably been over there almost just about every week here in January, even in December, getting over there to see the people we need to see. It just so happened that this year there just wasn’t a fit.”

While Maryland has yet to stake a claim in Northern Virginia, the University of Virginia continued to have success recruiting the Washington area across the border, landing three players from Good Counsel, which is less than 30 minutes from College Park.

Three-star quarterback Brandon Marshall, three-star wideout Andrew Levrone, and four-star defensive back Kirk Garner are the players from the Olney private school going to Charlottesville. In addition, London signed three-star linebackers Zach Bradshaw of Damascus and Micah Kiser of Baltimore private school Gilman.

Edsall said Maryland’s efforts in Northern Virginia will continue.

“That’s an area that’s important to us,” Edsall said. “We want to get kids and establish a foothold in that Northern Virginia area. We just gotta keep working, and working to break the ice there.”