Yvonne Strahovski is making her Broadway debut this fall, which is pretty cool, especially since she's never actually caught a Broadway show before.

Strahovski, who played a CIA agent on NBC's action-comedy show "Chuck" and then crossed over to the dark side as a serial killer on "Dexter," plays Lorna Moon in the Lincoln Center Theater revival of Clifford Odets' "Golden Boy."

The play, which opens next week at the Belasco Theater, is about a young man torn between his true calling as a violinist and the lure of fast money as a boxer. Strahovski, 30, plays his manager's mistress and is in 10 of the play's 12 scenes.

» When: 9 p.m. Sunday
» Channel: Showtime
» Info: sho.com

After five seasons in slinky outfits delivering vicious kicks to enemies, Strahovski next found herself in something of a love triangle with Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall in season seven of "Dexter."

Next month, she appears opposite Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand in "The Guilt Trip," and next year she'll be in "I, Frankenstein" with Bill Nighy and Aaron Eckhart.

She recently sat down with the Associated Press to evade questions about whether she survived season seven of "Dexter" and to complain about her cable company.

Q How different is this experience?

A Honestly, I do feel a little bit like a fish out of water. A, I've never done a Broadway play. B, I've never seen a Broadway play. C, I'm Australian. And I'm an Australian coming in to do a classic American play that is set in the '30s. It's been challenging on all fronts.

Q What can you tell us about "Dexter"? Do you survive?

A I can't reveal much. It's so hard to talk about. And I haven't even caught up with the last two episodes. My cable didn't turn on last night, and I was on hold for 40 minutes with Time Warner. You should print that! I was on hold for 40 minutes, and nobody answered the phone.

Q Were you a fan of "Dexter" before you landed a job on it?

A I had seen bits and pieces, but I had never watched episode after episode. So I actually sat down and watched all six seasons back to back for three weeks before I started shooting.

Q What kind of mood were you in after that?

A I was mixed. I was having some weird dreams, and when I finally got to the set, everyone was their character. I had a really hard time calling Jennifer "Jennifer" and not Debra, and Michael "Michael" and not Dexter. I was so in that world.