Former Vice President Dick Cheney on Monday said that President Obama had deliberately lied when he promised Americans they could keep their insurance plans under Obamacare despite the health law’s new regulations.

Cheney made the comments on “Fox and Friends” while discussing his own heart condition and long-term care.

“One of the most important decisions I made was that I had exactly two doctors who covered me over that thirty-five year period of time and that was crucial in terms of my care and that’s true in an awful lot of cases, especially with people who have chronic diseases,” said Cheney.

“What they [the administration] said was ‘If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance policy,” he continued. “And it was a lie. It was deliberate. They knew if they told the truth, the bill would have never passed.”

Obama apologized for his broken pledge as millions of Americans are being dropped by insurers forced to comply with new Obamacare regulations.

“I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me,” he said in an interview in November.

The White House though has said that it never intended to mislead consumers about keeping their current health plans.

Obama has offered an administrative “fix” allowing companies to retain insurance plans that do not meet Obamacare requirements for another year. But the administration is unable to compel insurers to adopt the fix and many providers say the proposal is unworkable.