Former Vice President Dick Cheney sharply criticized President Obama for reducing the size of the American military including plans to reduce the Army to the smallest force since before World War II.

Cheney pointed out that Obama's plans to cut the military were "over the top," citing "enormous long-term damage" to the military.

Cheney said Obama's decision was made for budget reasons, not any strategic goal.

"He would much rather spend the money on food stamps than he would a strong military or support for our troops," he said.

Cheney criticized Obama's "apology tour" throughout the world in 2009, pointing out that thanks to Obama, the United States had lost a lot of credibility in the world.

Cheney revealed that he keeps in touch with friends he worked with in the Middle East and pointed out that they no longer have the same confidence in the United States.

"They no longer have any confidence at all in American security guarantees. They're absolutely convinced that they can no longer trust the United States to keep its commitments, and that includes Israelis, Saudis, a lot of others in that part of the world."