CPAC Chair Al Cardenas promoted a panel by former FOX News host Dick Morris during his remarks to the press this morning, suggesting that he would reveal new polling to explain why Republicans were losing elections.

Morris is hardly a polling expert. Just before election day he predicted that Mitt Romney would win the 2012 election with 325 electoral votes versus Obama who would only earn 213 electoral votes.

“Well we lost,” Morris said glumly, as he took the podium to give Republicans his prescription for the future.

Morris encouraged conservatives to soften their tone when speaking to other demographics especially with Lanitos. He insisted that most Latinos would soon become Republicans just as the Irish and Italians did.

He was also critical of Rep. Paul Ryan for repeatedly looking to Medicare to balance the budget.

“Let’s stop trying to balance the budget,” he said. “We need to stop being accountants and start being politicians.”

Morris concluded the panel by revealing he would soon be joining talk radio station WPHT in Philadelphia.