Hillary Clinton apparently demanded members of her staff strip the classified markings from a set of seemingly classified talking points after aides had trouble sending the talking points using secure fax.

In an email made public early Friday morning, Clinton asked one of her top advisers, Jake Sullivan, to send the talking points "nonsecure" after they were delayed overnight.

"They say they've had issues sending secure fax. They're working on it," Sullivan wrote in June 2011 after learning an unspecified party hadn't sent the requested documents the previous evening, as they were supposed to have done.

"If they can't, turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure," Clinton replied.

While the exchange is partially redacted and unclassified, giving few clues as to what the talking points in question involved, the email raises new questions about Clinton's treatment of classified information amid an FBI investigation and a nearly year-long controversy.

The email was among a batch of more than 3,000 pages of Clinton's emails that were made public early Friday morning in violation of a federal judge's order requiring the agency to release those documents by the end of December.