Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe is having a banner week owning himself.

After the Washington Post exposed an undercover Project Veritas reporter attempting to shop a story that she was impregnated by Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and urged to get an abortion, O'Keefe has been quite defensive. It's starting to look sad and desperate.

On Wednesday, O'Keefe posted a video on Twitter where one of his reporters went undercover to meet with Washington Post national security reporter Adam Entous and discussed the investigation between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Instead of exposing Entous and the Post for sharing their own biases, O'Keefe's organization simply confirmed that objective journalists who report for the Washington Post are skeptical and careful in their reporting and aren't driven by some blind deep-seeded hatred of President Trump to take his administration down.

With the kind of reception the Post is getting from this video, one has to ask: Did Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos pay for O'Keefe's services to show how good their reporting is?

I say this jokingly, of course, because O'Keefe is doing mental gymnastics on his social media right now to make this video look like the epic indictment on the Washington Post that he thinks it is. How delusional is O'Keefe to think that this is not only legitimate reporting but also the turning point in dismantling the Trump-Russia narrative?

Of course, there are biased journalists out there who spread false information or exaggerate facts to draw conclusions between Trump and the Russians that don't exist (like with any other subject in the news). However, Project Veritas isn't doing what they were set out to do, which is to expose bad journalists or those with malicious intent (i.e. the Trump inauguration party plotters) even if their methods are unethical, fraudulent, and illegal (see: former Sen. Mary Landrieu).

O'Keefe's brand of journalism is a stain on the conservative movement where actual hardworking conservative reporters are breaking stories on important issues through means that meet high ethical standards in journalism. It's time for O'Keefe to ditch his dishonest tactics in journalism, and, if not, go away.