Hollywood producer and director Judd Apatow said he believes President Trump would do a better job as president if he went to therapy.

"Hillary Clinton's a mess. Trump is obviously a mess. But I do think Hillary Clinton could probably talk to you about what she struggles with and the mistakes she makes," Apatow said in an interview with Vulture published Monday. "Can you imagine Donald Trump doing that? Can you imagine him going to a therapist? He might do a better job if he did."

Apatow, who directed movies like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up," and produced TV shows like "Girls," said Trump needs to speak to a therapist about the feelings associated with him having been sent to a military boarding school when he was 13, and said speaking to a counselor may help him recognize his need to be right "all the time."

"Here's a guy whose parents sent him away to boarding school. They didn't send his siblings away. They sent him away because he was unmanageable," Apatow said. "What did that feel like? Was that abandonment? Did it make him feel the need to prove himself? And is he incapable of ever proving himself enough to get over that injury? Maybe if he went to therapy he wouldn't feel the need to be right all the time."

In his interview with Vulture, Apatow also accused Vice President Mike Pence of not being able to be open, despite there being "a lot going on inside that guy."