Disappointed by their team's early exit from this year's playoffs, some Redskins fans are begrudgingly pulling for their neighbors to the north in Sunday's Super Bowl.

Just don't expect them to wear purple.

Scott Avery, of McLean, said he'll be rooting for the Ravens to take down the 49ers in this weekend's bout, but only because San Francisco was one of the Redskins' biggest rivals during the team's 1980s and 1990s dynasty years.

"Back in our heyday, the 49ers were elite at the same time," Avery said. "It was always a battle with them to be the team of the decade, and every time they'd lose, they'd make excuses for it. We used to call them 'The Whiners.' "

He said he's most excited to see how the two teams' differing styles of quarterback play on the big stage. The Ravens have a pocket passer, while the 49ers have a running quarterback, which Avery said he hopes will make the game interesting.

"If it's not, I always have a great deal of curiosity about the commercials," he said.

The Redskins' heartbreaking 24-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the first round of the NFL Playoffs -- a game that saw star rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III succumb to a knee injury -- was hard enough for the team's fans to endure.

But now they have to watch the Ravens, who play just 32 miles away from FedEx Field, play in the sport's biggest game of the year.

It'll be especially tough for Redskins fan Tyrone Basilio, of Alexandria, who is still recovering from a bet he made with his wife -- a Seahawks fan -- that forced him to change his Facebook profile picture to one of Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch for a week after the 'Skins lost.

But now that both teams have been eliminated, the two find solace in the "other" team in Maryland, where Basilio was born and his wife once lived.

"For every good couple, there has to be a common ground," Basilio said. "Our common ground is the Baltimore Ravens."

Redskins fan James Heilman, of Purcellville, said he too plans to watch the Super Bowl despite his team coming up short.

"I will be rooting for Baltimore," Heilman said. "Charm City holds a special place in my heart SEmD as long as they aren't playing against the Redskins."