President Trump's debut at the Hall of Presidents has been delayed due to ongoing drama over the speech his animatronic likeliness will give.

According to Motherboard, "imagineers" at Walt Disney World closed the exhibit in January in order to add Trump to their collection and planned to reopen in time for the summer. However, a dispute arose over the recorded speech the robot delivers to the audience.

From its opening in 1971 until 1993, Abraham Lincoln was the only president to speak, marking the end of the show. In 1993, Disney had President Bill Clinton record a short speech meant to be uplifting and apolitical in nature. This tradition was carried on by Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, with their robots speaking about a united and equal America.

Disney typically writes the speech in coordination with the president, but Trump officials have insisted they will write it on their own. For a while, it was unknown if Trump's robot would even speak, but Disney officials confirmed last month that it would. Disney officials have been silent on public criticisms of Trump over this process due to a fear of potential backlash or boycott by conservatives.

Imagineers, who have had a bust of Trump's head ready since his inauguration, are now just waiting on the speech to be delivered.

Disney pushed back on the Motherboard story later on Tuesday.

"The Vice report is inaccurate. As we have stated, President Trump will have a speaking role in the Hall of Presidents like every president since 1993," a spokeswoman said. "We have been working closely with the White House and the president's recording session has been scheduled. We have repeatedly stated that the attraction will re-open in late 2017."

Disney officials are hopeful for the exhibit to reopen by the one-year anniversary of Trump's election in November.