As the situation in Ferguson, Mo., grows increasingly volatile, the police response heavy-handed, the residents further enraged, protests in response to the shooting death of 18-year-old Mike Brown, an African American, continue unabated.

And now we have unsettling footage from a confrontation Wednesday night between law enforcement officials and Ferguson residents.

It’s not pretty.

Police officials opened fire with teargas and rubber bullets after certain members of the protesting crowd reportedly hurled objects at them.

The response from the law was intense:

Elsewhere, in another part of the city, a news team from Al Jazeera was caught up in the police action as a teargas quickly forced a group of the network’s reporters to abandon a spot that they had chosen to record a television hit:

Unless state and local leaders step up to address Ferguson residents’ concerns over the death of Brown, who was reportedly shot multiple times by a police officer, expect the protests and public displays of frustration to continue.