The Democratic Party has a new fun contest, allowing participants to vote for one of three car magnet designs, including one that says “not a Republican” with the Democratic National Committee's symbol below the words.

The other two designs are pretty simple — one says “take back the house” and the other is just a picture of the DNC symbol (a “D” inside a circle, because that’s recognizable).

I checked, and the Republican National Committee doesn't have such a blatant bumper sticker (the RNC store doesn't even appear to have car magnets -- get with the times, people). Buttons are a bit of a different story.

If the “not a Republican” magnet wins, you’ll be able to inform everyone that you’re certainly not on the side of the people who do the things that Democrats don’t like (Maybe your car won’t be vandalized?).

Comedian Demetri Martin once described bumper stickers as a “short cut,” a “little sign that says, ‘Hey, let's never hang out.'” (Coincidentally, the DNC logo looks very similar to the Comedy Central logo.)

The DNC car magnet is a great example.

Kicker: You can vote multiple times for your favorite car magnet! No photo I.D. required!