Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., who chairs the Democratic National Committee (DNC), described herself as “pretty happy” with the ongoing economic recovery — which prompted her Republican counterpart to suggest she’s been on Mars, or a “fantasy land.”

“I am pretty happy about straight 28 months of job growth in the private sector,” Wasserman Schultz said on Fox News Sunday when asked about the latest jobs report showing 8.2 percent unemployment nationally and 80,000 jobs created.

“Like I’ve said — we — and President Obama has said, we continue — we need to continue to improve and we need to do more and we need to work together,” Wasserman Schultz added when Fox News’ John Roberts pressed her about those figures. ” But I am pleased that the manufacturing has had a resurgence and created 500,000 jobs in the last 28 months.”

Wasserman Schultz, fresh off a family roadtrip to New Hampshire, also took a veiled shot Republican Mitt Romney for transporting his dog in a carrier on the roof of his car. “[A]ll of the dogs were in the car,” she said of her family vacation. “So I prove it can be done.” Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus countered by hitting President Obama on the stimulus. “Wow, I don’t know if she is on vacation in New Hampshire or on Mars,” he said. “And if Debbie and President Obama were good on their promises on the stimulus — remember, they said if we pass this trillion dollar stimulus that we’d have 5.5 percent unemployment today.” “This president can’t fulfill a promise,” Priebus added. “They’re living in fantasy land.”