Calling recent allegations against him "deeply troubling," the Democratic National Committee on Friday announced it would donate $30,000 dollars of Harvey Weinstein's contributions to EMILY's List, Emerge America, and Higher Heights.

That gesture is laughably inadequate for two reasons.

First, since 1994, Weinstein has donated at least $250,000 to the DNC. Carrying on as though returning a fraction of that cash constitutes a meaningful sacrifice is absurd. If donating the money is an admission that it's tainted, and it's hard to argue otherwise, by its own standards the DNC is clinging to more than $200,000 of tainted Weinstein contributions.

Second, giving the money to EMILY's List, Emerge America, and Higher Heights just shifts Weinstein's dirty donations to other organizations where it will inevitably be used to fund Democratic causes.

It's a meaningless gesture packaged as a good faith attempt to cut ties with the disgraced produer. And nobody is buying it. Democratic donors should be insulted by the DNC's transparently insincere effort to distance itself from Weinstein. If the organization can't bring itself to part with his money, how "deeply troubled" could the DNC actually be?

Emily Jashinsky is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.