Democratic National Convention officials have stripped party chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of a speaking slot at the event next week, according to CNN.

The move is in response to emails leaked late last week by WikiLeaks.

Approximately 20,000 DNC emails were shared with the public. A number of them paint staffers, including Wasserman Schultz, in a negative light by suggesting they were biased against Sen. Bernie Sanders. In one, Wasserman Schultz labeled Sanders' campaign manager an "ass." In another, she opined that he wasn't going to become president, even before the process had been formally settled. Worse for her, she was presiding over senior aides who plotted to undermine Sanders, the emails reveal.

ABC News reported Sunday that Wasserman Schultz could maintain a limited role, gaveling the convention open and possibly getting a minor speaking spot.

Sanders and his team have been charging for months that the DNC was biased against him. The emails now seem to confirm an anti-Sanders culture within the DNC. Many of Sanders' backers already harbor deep anger about the victory of Clinton over their champion, and the emails have provided a further casus belli that Clinton's team must deftly respond to.

Whether simply denying Wasserman Schultz a speaking role is enough to calm the waters - and whether instead further action must be taken against her - remains to be seen.

Wasserman Schultz had not responded publicly to the news as of Saturday evening.