Democrats are using the threat of a government shutdown to solicit donations up to $2,000 to slam “absurd” Republicans.

In an email from the “DNC War Room” that correctly noted there are just 10 hours to go before the government stops funding itself, party said:

It looks increasingly possible that in less than 10 hours, Republicans will shut down the federal government.

Bizarrely enough, Republicans are trying to make the case that this outcome would be the Democrats' fault. That's what Donald Trump has been tweeting, and no doubt that's what Fox News will be saying in the coming days.

That is, of course, an absurd argument. Republicans control the:

  • White House
  • House of Representatives
  • Senate

If the GOP wanted the government to stay open, it'd stay open. But that's not going to stop them from making the ridiculous argument that this is all somehow the Democrats' fault — and as we know all too well, unless all of us stand together and stand up for the lawmakers who are holding the line for our values, the GOP might win this fight.

Right now is a critical moment to show that you're standing with Democrats — chip in $3 and stand up to the GOP.

Thank you,

The Democrats

The page links to another that reads:

Stand up to the GOP. Make a contribution now:

Republicans are on the brink of forcing a government shutdown — right now it’s up to us to replace them with Democrats who will fight for our values.

Chip in now to stand up to the GOP and show you stand with Democrats.

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at