Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said Wednesday it's "troubling" many former intelligence officials have been critical of the intelligence community and its "capabilities with the president."

"I find it troubling that many outside the current arena, including former officials, criticize the [intelligence community's] recent record and expressed concern about [its] capabilities with the president," Coats said Wednesday during a keynote address at the Billington CyberSecurity Summit, according to The Hill.

Since President Trump took office, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper hasn't been shy in hiding his criticisms of the president and Trump's approach to intelligence.

Clapper has questioned Trump's fitness for office, and said last month the president "likes intelligence on a selective basis."

"He seems to accept the intelligence on Korea or on Syria, on China, on other areas, on terrorism, but when it comes to Russia, not so much," Clapper told CNN.

But Coats defended Trump, and said he is a "consummate consumer of intelligence" and often asks questions that cause briefings to last longer than intended.