RedState's Daniel Horowitz countered critics of the recent shutdown fight by articulating what he regards as the "inconvenient truth" of the current Senate: Republicans give Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., an effective supermajority on an array of issues.

"Conservatives need to confront the fact that Democrats enjoy a de facto 75-80 seat-governing majority on many critical issues," Horowitz argues in a new Fox News op-ed.

Aware that many Republicans will dismiss the recent shutdown fight as evidence of that argument, Horowitz cites the 20 Republican votes for the Farm bill (with all its food stamp spending), the willingness of Republicans to "pass a radical iteration of the deceptively named Violence Against Woman Act by a 78-22 margin," and the 27 GOP senators who support the internet sales tax.

Whatever your opinion of the particular issues, the column works out to be a summary of why a certain contingent of the conservative base is so frustrated with Republican leadership and disinclined to listen when told not to pick fights, such as the attempt to defund Obamacare during the recent continuing resolution debate.