Washington Examiner columnist David Limbaugh had a column Thursday that deserves careful and thoughtful reading, especially by those to whom it is mainly addressed.

What if the GOP wins the White House and Congress in 2016? What then, GOP, Limbaugh asks.

"I would wager that many of my Establishment friends will continue to advise restraint, urging us not to drastically roll back Obama's liberal policies, either because they'll be horrified about the next election or because they have really, in the end, lost their stomach for political battle and their taste for free market principles," Limbaugh writes.

"I suspect that many of them have come to accept a large, 'energetic' federal government and believe that Republicans should just accept it and instead devise original and creative yet 'conservative' policy solutions within the big-government framework," he says.

Does the Right believe it's right?

Limbaugh's column follows an op-ed posted earlier this week on washingtonexaminer.com by Americans for Limited Government Vice President Richard Manning.

Manning tore into former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson for criticizing Tea Party conservatives who, he claims, seek "to break with the past in a very different manner - repudiating 80 years of institutional development and reinventing American as a nation that rejects the substantive role for regulation or a social safety net.”

In other words, Gerson implied that the Right should simply accept the steady centralization of government and erosion of individual liberty caused by the "progressive" policies of Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Barack Obama.

Outraged, Manning argues that the GOP should utterly reject "the Regulatory State [that] is killing our nation, destroying the very concept of private property and consigning us into a Kafkaesque world ruled by an army of Lois Lerner clones."

Can the GOP survive itself?

The Limbaugh-Gerson-Manning debate points to what is likely to be the defining issue of the post-2014 state of American politics.

By over-reaching across the domestic policy board, Obama has all-but discredited Big Government as a viable governing agenda. The ugly consequences are accelerating as his second term enters its terminal phase.

That reality makes the debate within and without the GOP over repealing or reforming the wreckage of the progressive era the decisive discussion in American politics for years to come. Participants and observers should act accordingly.

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