On the eve of Texas Gov. Rick Perry's special legislative session to debate a bill to ban most abortions after 20 weeks, a disturbing new video has surfaced in which a New Mexico abortion doctor tells a patient undergoing a three-day abortion process for her 27-week-old baby to sit on a toilet if the fetus starts to come out unexpectedly while away from the clinic.

In the latest investigation from the antiabortion group Live Action, which has produced five other controversial video and audio investigations at abortion clinics in their "Inhuman" campaign, the doctor recommends that the woman sit on the toilet for the stillbirth until abortion clinic aides arrive to take the fetus away. A clinic counselor told the woman not to look in the toilet, suggesting she put a towel across her legs.

Dr. Carmen Landau of Albuquerque's Southwest Women's Options clinic also told the woman investigator not to call 911 if the baby unexpectedly started to come out if the patient wasn't in the abortion clinic.

From the transcript of the investigation provided to Secrets:

Dr. Landau: Yeah you do not need 911, you need us.

Woman: OK.

Dr. Landau: We're your one-stop shop.

Woman: Yeah. Because the hos — they, they, they, don't, I mean what, what, what, what would they do different there?

Dr. Landau: No it would just be terrible. Because then you're gonna, "oh, I'm having a third trimester abortion" and they're all "Aghhh," and no, you don't need —

Woman: And they try to like, have you do things.

Dr. Landau: Who knows. Not something that we would want to find out, what they would try to do.

Woman: You don't wanna —

Dr. Landau: Yeah that would just be weird, and not that's just not what you need. You need us to take care of you, 'cause we know how to take care of women in this situation.

Woman: Yeah, oh, OK, yeah. And the same thing if I, if it, pops out when I'm at the hotel —

Dr. Landau: Exactly. If you felt like all of a sudden, if you're one of those lucky people that has no pain in contractions, and you're all of a sudden like, "agh something's coming out," then you sit on the toilet, then you call us, and you unlock the hotel room and we'll come in and take care of you.

Woman: Sit on the toilet and call you. OK.

Landau, according to the audio of her conversation with the woman, said that emergency workers wouldn't know what to do. "They would freak out, you would freak out, and then you would end up in some ER where you don't want to be, where they can't help you," she said.

Landau is the same doctor featured in a previous Live Action video during which she told the patient that the pain of the death shot given to a baby is similar to a flu shot.

In the new production she said the a fetus doesn't feel much pain. "A fetus at this stage of development has very limited abilities to understand or feel in the way that you and I do. Right? Like, like any living thing, if you pinch it will move away. And that's a very primitive pain response. And that's about all that it has at this stage," said the doctor.

Also in the video, the doctors and counselors explain in detail the three-day abortion process, make sure the wants an abortion and even probe to find out of the father of the baby is in agreement.

The clinic is known for doing late-term abortions. From the transcript:

Dr. Landau: People come all over, from all over the country, and from all over the world, to our clinic —

Woman: Oh wow.

Dr. Landau: Because in most places you cannot get an abortion after 24 weeks.

Woman: Yeah.

Dr. Landau: So we see a lot of people who are pretty late in their pregnancy.

Late-term abortions have always been more controversial and are now at the center of a debate in Texas where a plan to bar them failed last week. Perry's special legislative session beginning Monday will take up the ban again.

The abortion clinic in new Live Action investigation also has a branch in Texas, which could be come part of the abortion ban debate.

Paul Bedard, The Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at pbedard@washingtonexaminer.com.