Members of the House Select Committee on Benghazi are slated to question a crew chief Wednesday who was stationed in Europe on the night of the Sept. 11, 2012 attack. The interview will take place one day after the committee published the highly-anticipated findings from its more than two-year investigation.

The Pentagon did not grant the select committee's request to interview the witness until after the report was released, Republicans on the committee noted Wednesday morning. Congressional investigators had asked the Defense Department to provide access to the unnamed witness four months earlier.

"The committee will not allow the Defense Department's needless delays to stop it from interviewing a witness it sought to speak with several months ago," said Matt Wolking, spokesman for committee Republicans.

Wolking said the report made public Tuesday could be updated with the witness' testimony once the final version is marked up by the panel and receives a vote.

"Chairman [Trey] Gowdy intends to release this and other witness interview transcripts once the administration clears them for public release," he added.

The 800-page Benghazi report revealed, among other things, the Obama administration's reluctance to deploy military assets the night of the attack and its subsequent effort to present the violence as a protest rather than a terror attack.

Its conclusions were bolstered by more than 100 witness interviews, including 81 individuals who had had never before spoken with Congress.

But the select committee's findings left some questions unanswered, in part because the administration refused to cooperate with investigators on many requests for documents and testimony.

The Pentagon blocked Republican access to a pair of drone sensor operators and the unnamed crew chief earlier this year, sparking a series of heated exchanges between a political appointee at the Defense Department and Gowdy.