Political pundits on Fox News claimed Tuesday that if Hillary Clinton is elected the first female American president, it would eclipse her husband's Oval Office legacy. They speculated that Bill may have intentionally set his wife's campaign back because of his ego.

"This is a scary thought: If Hillary Clinton becomes president, she will be on our currency one day. It'll be a very big deal and Bill Clinton will just be remembered as a transitional figure," National Review Editor Rich Lowry said while guest hosting Hannity Tuesday night.

Editor of the Drudge Report Charles Hurt suggested Bill may have "sabotaged" Hillary's 2008 run for personal gain.

"It would be such a big deal the only thing that would be remembered about Bill Clinton would have been all of his antics in the White House and the blue dress and the Monica Lewinsky scandal," said Hurt.

But Fox contributor Eboni Williams defended Bill backhandedly, arguing both Clintons failed to connect with Millennial voters during the 2008 Democratic primaries.