Natalie Tennant, a Democrat running for U.S. Senate in West Virginia, can’t quite run away from President Obama’s policies fast enough.

Tennant has accused Obama in the past of promoting “policies that hurt West Virginia" — specifically, the Environmental Protection Agency’s coal regulations. Tennant has also refused to say whether she would have voted for Obamacare if she had been in the U.S. Senate when it was passed.

Tennant has tried to distance herself from Obama’s policies because the president lost the state — badly — in 2012 and he remains unpopular there.

But on Monday, Tennant was confronted on her support for Obama. After dodging questions about why she supported Obama despite the coal regulations, Tennant’s campaign chairman, Maj. Gen. Allen Tackett, interrupted to clear things up.

“Because on most of [Obama’s] policies and stuff she supports,” Tackett said as Tennant nodded her head in agreement.

Now Tennant’s campaign spokeswoman claims that Tackett “misspoke” and that the candidate “does not support the majority of the president’s policies.”

Campaign spokeswoman Jenny Donohue made the comments to the Charleston Daily Mail on Tuesday.

“The only thing that influences Natalie Tennant’s policies is what’s right for the people of West Virginia,” Donohue clarified. “She’ll stand up to the president when he’s wrong, and she’ll work with anyone who’s willing to do what’s right for West Virginia.”

Amy Graham, a spokeswoman for Tennant’s Republican opponent, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, accused Tennant of trying to cover up her support for Obama.

“Since Natalie Tennant’s own campaign chairman admits she supports the majority of Obama's policies, she owes West Virginians a clear explanation of where she stands on the president’s policies on coal, guns, Obamacare and Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader,” Graham said.