A senior administration official is suspected of taking bribes. An investigation ensues. The government concludes they have a case. Next thing you know, the governor is indicted.

Four members of the state legislature are suspected of taking bribes. An investigation ensues. Evidence is gathered.

The evidence includes 400 hours of audio and video, and, lest we forget, the actual exchange of cash, plus a $2,000 Tiffany bracelet, for services rendered, caught on tape.

Next thing you know, the state attorney general drops the investigation and now we are left to wonder: What's next in Pennsylvania?

The differences in the case against former Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia and the case against the four democratic lawmakers in Pennsylvania are distinctive.

In Virginia, the investigation was completed; charges were considered, and ultimately rendered. In Pennsylvania, the investigation was completed, the evidence was collected, and then it was voided.

Now, there is a strong odor of corruption in the air and it keeps going higher up the political food chain.

Pennsylvanians such as myself are left to wonder why strong evidence — audio and video — has been amassed regarding four lawmakers suspected of accepting cash in exchange for their vote and it has been abandoned.

This is an up or down issue. Yea or nay. Were votes bought or not? Are Pennsylvanians going to get an answer? That remains to be seen.

Today, if you lived in Pennsylvania, all you would see is a revolving door of press conferences on television. Attorney General Kathleen Kane stands by her decision to void the investigation.

Pennsylvania authorities still have the evidence, the suspected lawmakers are still in office, and the headlines persist.

As a Pennsylvanian, I know there are some weighty international headlines seizing the moment and rightly so.

I am concerned our beloved state will be swept under their tide. We have a crisis of confidence in our elected officials and you can easily see why.

There is a major political corruption drama unfolding in the state of Pennsylvania and the national media has yet to discuss the story.

Kane's decision to drop the investigation of Democratic public officials doesn't pass the smell test and the mainstream media needs to ask serious questions.

Where do we go from here? Attorney General Eric Holder, are you aware of this issue?

Is the reason why this investigation has been voided because of the way it was handled or were Democratic lawmakers saved at the last hour by a Democratic attorney general?

Was the investigation voided because the lawmakers were being asked to vote against Pennsylvania's voter ID law?

Would you support an independent investigation to help Pennsylvania move forward, clean the slate, and review the evidence and the investigation once and for all?

Most importantly, I ask Holder if Kane upheld her oath to be the “Commonwealth's chief law enforcement officer charged with the responsibility for the prosecution of organized crime and public corruption.”

Political corruption is not that hard to prove when you have corrupt legislators caught on a wire taking bribes. The real reason Kane dropped the investigation is the targets are Democratic politicians who were united in their opposition to voter ID.

The United States Department of Justice should open a public corruption investigation of these four legislators and Kane.

Bipartisan support is growing every day for an independent investigation to review the case against the lawmakers. Who needs to approve it? Kane, of course.

Pennsylvania needs a path forward. Mr. Attorney General, can you help us find one?

Rich Zeoli hosts CBS Radio Talk Radio 1210 WPHT 6-9pm in Philadelphia and is the author of "The Seven Principles of Public Speaking: Proven Methods of a PR Pro."