Does Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell own a gun? The McConnell campaign doesn't want to talk about it, and neither does McConnell's staff in the Senate.

McConnell's campaign revealed on Monday that McConnell had fired a gun, but that statement made no mention of the Kentucky Republican owning any firearms.

"Of course Sen. McConnell has shot a gun but as a matter of principle he's not interested in helping the left bully people into revealing what protection they may keep in their own homes," McConnell campaign spokesman Allison Moore emailed in a statement to the Washington Examiner.

McConnell's Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes hit him for bringing a gun to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday, but refused to answer reporters when asked if he actually owned a gun.

McConnell entered the CPAC hall on Thursday holding the gun in an imitation of actor Charlton Heston's gesture at the 2000 National Rifle Association convention, thrilling conservative activists who cheered as he took the stage. After taking the stage, McConnell presented the rifle to retiring Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, saying, “This is for you.”

Moore pointed out that McConnell has a record of supporting the Second Amendment.

"Alison Lundergan Grimes may believe that every Kentuckian needs to check in with the government to have Second Amendment rights, but that's not Senator McConnell's position," Moore said.

The Grimes campaign issued a press release Monday morning calling McConnell's appearance with the firearm the "biggest gaffe of the year."