Turn on a cable TV news discussion and it won't be long before somebody is accusing somebody else of being a bigot. And that somebody will almost always be the liberal.

In the liberal determination to attribute political problems to the evil isms -- racism, genderism, anti-gay prejudice, male privilege, etc. -- there lurks utter intolerance just beneath the surface.

The problem is that, having defined political opponents as evil, it is then only a short step to justifying the suppression of contrary viewpoints.

You can't say that

Occasionally this dark side of contemporary liberalism is exposed to the light, as happened earlier this week with the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision affirming the First Amendment's freedom of religion in the workplace.

The Washington Examiner's Timothy P. Carney on Tuesday described the liberal reaction to the claims of the Green family that owns Hobby Lobby:

"This is not a fight about banning or denying access to contraception. It's about forcing employers to pay for contraception against their will."

Thus, Carney observes, "some parts of activist Left see the conscience of religious conservatives as simply bigoted and deserving of no respect."

No public place for faith

A column in the Huffington Post on the Hobby Lobby decision by Ronald Lindsay illustrates such liberal intolerance, according to RedState.com diarist "Streiff."

Lindsay fears that "unfortunately, a majority of the Supreme Court may now be resurrecting concerns about the compatibility between being a Catholic and being a good citizen, or at least between being a good Catholic and an impartial judge."

In other words, according to Lindsay, it's time "to ask the uncomfortable question: Is it appropriate to have six Catholic justices on the Supreme Court?"

No, really, you can't say that!

So, would Lindsay set aside the Constitution's ban on religious tests for holding public office? He doesn't mention it in his column but he must be aware of it.

By posing his concern in mathematical terms, Lindsay implies the issue should be resolved with quotas to define how many justices representing particular religious views can be allowed on the high court.

That would, of course, be a religious test for public office that requires government to define representative proportions of each view.

Not much room there for equal protection of the right of religious freedom. That's the dark side — for many contemporary liberals, individual rights are whatever the government decides they are, not the inalienable possession of every individual.

Somewhere King George III is muttering "I told you so."

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