The scales have fallen from the eyes of Domino's Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle who this week was schooled by Alaska Sen. Mark Begich on the politics of fish.

Begich heard back from the CEO after sending Domino's a cooler of halibut to protest a commercial the company did that disparaged the fish.

"Thanks again @SenatorBegich...usually it's pizza for Friday lunch. Today, Alaskan Halibut. It's 'ofishal' - I love it!" Doyle tweeted Friday along with a picture of him wearing an "I (heart) halibut" T-shirt and eating fish — presumably Alaskan halibut — out of a Domino's pizza box.

The Domino's commercial that irked Begich, whose state produces most of the halibut Americans consume, touted pizza of the food of choice for innovators working hard into the night.

"No one's coming up with world-changing ideas over halibut," the ad's narrator says while an on-screen actor spits out pieces of white fish. "No way. It's always been pizza."

Begich, a Democrat, wrote to Domino's on behalf of Alaska's halibut fishermen on Thursday, asking the firm why it was such a "halibut hater." The chain quickly responded that it "in no way meant to disparage the hard-working people in the fishing industry, nor the great state of Alaska."

The company's ad people chose halibut to use in their commercial, a company spokesman said, merely because it was "a funny-sounding word."

With Friday's apology, it appears the beef over fish has been quashed.

Or perhaps fin-ished?