Have you heard much lately from major league reporter Jonathan Alter or about his new book on the president and his critics, "The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies?"

Don't feel bad. Apparently not many others have either, prompting the former Newsweek and current analyst for MSNBC and Bloomberg to beg his friends to help him hawk his book, No. 71 on Amazon.com and described in a New York Times review as feeling "like reheated news."

Friends like celebrated radio and TV host Don Imus, who has a morning show on Fox Business Network. Imus revealed this week that Alter emailed him to get on his show just before the author pushed out the book's attack on Fox boss Roger Ailes.

Mistake? Yup. Imus on Wednesday savaged his "friend" after receiving an email from Alter apologizing for not being a better buddy. "I don't like it when people tell me what a great friend they are of mine, because I know it's nonsense," Imus barked.

Imus then read from Alter's email. "I'm sorry I haven't been a better friend and just come crawling up to your a-- when I need something but I do need something: You putting me on your air to hawk my new book."

His "friend" Imus responded: "Take your book and shove it up -- you couldn't get on this program with a certified check."