President-elect Trump called Hillary Clinton "guilty as hell" Friday morning for skirting federal records laws by having a private email server, despite the investigators determining there wasn't enough evidence to bring charges.

"What are Hillary Clinton's people complaining about with respect to the F.B.I. Based on the information they had she should never have been allowed to run - guilty as hell," Trump tweeted Friday morning. "They were VERY nice to her. She lost because she campaigned in the wrong states - no enthusiasm!"

During the campaign, Trump promised to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton's private email server and the chant "lock her up" became a staple of his campaign rallies.

However, immediately after the election, Trump backed off that promise by saying that the Clintons were good people and he didn't want to cause any more problems for them.

Later Friday, incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Trump's tweet was meant to reflect his statements on the campaign trail but didn't represent that he would plan to prosecute Clinton.

"His position stands, he wanted to make it very clear the position he expressed in that tweet is something he expressed on the campaign trail," Spicer told the Washington Examiner. "Her use of a private server and classified information used on it and the sharing there of it was a violation of the law. He's been very consistent about that."

On Thursday, the Department of Justice's inspector general announced it will investigate how FBI Director James Comey handled the investigation into Clinton's emails, particularly releasing information publicly so soon before the election.

In July, Comey said the investigation into Clinton's private email server was being closed. He also explained in great detail what her private email set up was like and said she had been "reckless" with her security.

Just 11 days before the election, Comey sent a letter to Congress notifying the House Oversight Committee that the investigation was being reopened. Democrats have blamed this action for spreading negative headlines about Clinton in the final period of the election that may have swayed voters.

The investigation was closed again days later and Clinton was never charged.

Trump touched on a number of subjects in tweets Friday morning, including his continued belief that the intelligence community leaked an unverified report to BuzzFeed and the developments surrounding the Affordable Care Act in Congress.

He said that act will soon be repealed.

"The 'Unaffordable' Care Act will soon be history!" Trump said.