Donald Trump Jr. said the "derangement" of Democrats kept them from standing to applaud President Trump during first State of the Union address on Tuesday, even though they wanted to do it despite themselves.

Speaking with Fox News' Sean Hannity after attending the event, Trump Jr., the president's eldest son, described the hour-and-20-minute speech as a "leg workout" from all the standing and applauding.

On the Democrats, Trump Jr., said he "noticed it because you could see them all wanting to stand."

"You can see them all almost looking around, like 'We almost have to stand for this,' but the derangement is real. They have to do the opposite," Trump Jr. said. "They have been forced to take the opposite approach of everything that he does, everything that he says. So even things that are common sense solutions for the American people, they have to do the opposite. And you could see it. It was amazing to watch."

Trump Jr. had said he got a "leg workout standing up every five seconds" because his father "hit every point." He said he did so despite Hannity noting at the beginning of the interview that Trump Jr. was recovering from a "bad flu."

Several journalists noted on Twitter that at least one moderate Democrat, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, stood to applaud Trump where his Democratic colleagues chose to stay seated.